Placing High Level Human Resources Executives Since 1992

Donna Davis Associates was established in 1992. We are a boutique executive search firm with over 20 years of experience, and we recruit and place the best Human Resource executives and senior managers in the United States. 

Our privately-held firm is headquartered outside New York City, and is staffed by a select group of seasoned, hard-working researchers and professionals.

Who We Are

Donna Davis Associates provides unrivaled HR Executive Recruiting services. 

We work with our clients closely throughout the placement process to:

  • Understand your HR executive staffing requirements
  • Identify and aggressively recruit the most qualified talent
  • Facilitate a strong, successful placement

Utilizing our unique screening methodology, we have successfully placed hundreds of executives for the world's leading employers.

Our Advantage

Great Results on Each Placement

  • Our candidate database is the most exclusive in our industry
  • We identify and aggressively recruit qualified candidates
  • We ensure successful placement by providing ongoing support & employee retention coaching

Fast, Efficient Turnaround

  • We understand HR executive staffing requirements
  • We are a boutique firm, and work closely with our clients to ensure lasting placement
  • We have successfully placed hundreds of executives

Competitive Prices,
Excellent Service

  • Our service emphasizes strong, professional business relationships with our clients
  • We customize client fees based on several parameters that are competitive with industry standards